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7/6: Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Stewart LF Vidro DH Kotsay CF Ibanez LF Swisher RF Guillen RF Cust DH Broussard 1B Johnson 1B Beltre 3B Ellis 2B Johjima C Crosby SS Betancourt SS Scutaro 3B Ballgame 2B Kendall C ---------- ----------

Weaver (2-6, 6.75)         Haren (10-2, 2.20)

Man, I realized as I flew into Las Vegas to see family today that I was gonna go 5 days without Mariners coverage. I'm gonna miss Brad Adam's smarmy pregame/postgame, the Moneytree and Banner Bank commercials, Dave Sims and his hokey PBP*, FSN's excess camera shots of kids, the Mariners playing the boring Athletics in boring, offense-killing McAfee cavern, Weaver taking on Dan Haren, who's arguably having the best season of any AL starter, Man-Tank's rah-rah screeching... wait, this is actually awesome.

* - okay, okay, I like Dave Sims.

Also, earlier today, the Twins just beat the White Sox 20-14. No, really. EDIT: I need to pay attention and read the diaries before posting about this stuff. My bad, Kent.

My father decided not to go on a Harley ride with his biker buddies, and is now cooking a big BBQ in honor of my arrival and my sister's b-day, so I may not be around much. I'll try and check in when I can, though, plus I should be able to post lineups when they're known.

¡LET'S GO MARINERS! And Happy Weaver Day!