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7/3: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:10pm PDT


Ichiro CF DeJesus CF Vidro 1B German 2B Ibanez DH Teahen RF Guillen RF Brown LF Johjima C Gordon 3B Beltre 3B Butler DH Betancourt SS LaRue C Lopez 2B Gload 1B Bloomquist LF Pena SS ---------- ----------

Feierabend (1-2, 6.46)      de la Rosa (5-9, 5.38)

de la Rosa's fallen off the map a bit over the last few months and hasn't thrown a bunch of strikes, which means we could be majorly boned. Luckily enough for us, Ryan Feierabend is a "pitcher", which happens to be the Royal offense's only weakness. If this game's scoreless after seven or eight innings, people are going to call it a pitcher's duel, but I guarantee you it won't be the pitchers who're responsible for the zeros.

I'll be paying attention from Petco, where I finally get to watch a baseball game without a particular rooting interest. I might give Miguel Olivo a hearty boo, though, because holy crap that guy was as bad a player as I've ever seen. Even since "reviving" his career in Florida, he's still put up a 169/15 K/BB ratio over the past year and a half, and six of those walks were intentional. He's like Regan MacNeal to hitting coaches' Father Merrin, only he speaks Spanish instead of channeling the voice of the Devil.