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That was our first win without JJ since July 7th. It feels incomplete.

Biggest Contribution: Adrian Beltre, +27.5%
Biggest Suckfest: Yuniesky Betancourt, -6.8%
Most Important At Bat: Beltre double, +30.0%
Most Important Pitch: Swisher homer, -10.3%
Total Contribution by Pitcher(s): +16.0%
Total Contribution by Position Players: +25.2%
Total Contribution by Opposition: +8.8%

(What is this chart?)

Try as I might to come up with something to say, I just don't have anything left in the tank. Every week it's about this time right now that they day job and night job catch up with me and leave me a sleepy, incoherent shell of my normal self. I'd say I'll write down some observations from the four innings I watched sometime tomorrow, but turns out it's a day game, which means it probably isn't worth it. Let's hear it for FOX national blackouts.

So instead, here's tonight's game in fifty words or less:

Felix has Opening Day stuff, not Opening Day command. Beltre earns three consecutive 'biggest contribution' awards. Dallas Braden = cracker CC Sabathia. Jose Guillen is angry with the upper deck. Best Morrow outing of the season. Happy us.

Gaudin/Ho tomorrow in a matchup of two guys snagged off the scrap heap. Guess which one doesn't suck a lot.