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7/25: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:35pm PDT


Ichiro CF Lofton CF Beltre 3B Young "SS" Ibañez Out Teixeira 1B Guillen RF Sosa "DH" Vidro DH Byrd RF Sexson 1B Catalanotto LF Johjima C Lard C Lopez 2B Vazquez 2B Betancourt SS Metcalf 3B ---------- ----------

Beluga Tits (10-7, 4.32)    McCarthy (4-7, 5.53)

I'm probably going to be out of the house all night, which means I'll either miss another loss and be happy, or miss a win, causing people to say "you're bad luck!" and asking that I never watch another Mariner game as long as I live. Well tough shit, that's what I say. I'll do what I want.