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7/22 Minor League Wrap-Up

So, with a new gig looming for tomorrow morning and my internet access uncertain at said gig, I decided to go ahead and get a wrap-up for tonight's games up... tonight.

That's the good news.  The bad news is that MiLB may update boxes and results the night of, but they do not update the compiled stats the night of.  That apparently is an overnight process.  As a result, I did not include lines for each player who is listed for tonight's games.  While I could post lines for each player who performed, they would be the lines as of yesterday, i.e. not including today's performances.  I COULD theoretically go player by player and manually determine those numbers, but given I barely got this written before midnight... one step at a time, people.

I would like to go back and add in those numbers tomorrow, when I get time and internet access and they are available.  Also, I'd rather do this in the morning before work, but I struggle to get up early enough for work, so it's probably best for the time being that I knock these out the night of where I KNOW they will get done.

Also, recaps are somewhat short and sweet, in part because the efforts last night... weren't too competitive by and large, but also, so that it got posted at a useful hour.

VENEZUELA~!  VSL Mariners 7, VSL Astros 5
VSLM's:  40-19... VSL Astros:  39-19

Jean Tome:  two outs, 5 H, 4 ER, K, wild pitch, hit batter
Edlando Seco:  4.1 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 2 walks, K
Reynaldo Sabala:  1.2 IP, 2 walks
Yoervis Medina:  1.1 IP, 1 H, K
Jose Jimenez:  1 IP, hit batter
Yidid Batista:  3-4, R, RBI
Humberto Espinoza:  1-5, 3 run HR, 4 RBI
Terry Serrano:  2-2, double, 2 R, RBI, 2 walks

The VSL Astros, one of the VSL's best, pounded Jean Tome, sending a usually solid starter to an early exit in the 1st inning, but Edlando Seco ran in and settled things, allowing only one other run in the 3rd as the VSLM's came back with a run in the 3rd and 3 more in the 4th.  A 3 run 8th for the VSLM's sealed the comeback and victory.

Dominican:  The DSLM's took Sunday off.  I'm surprised the VSLM's didn't take Sunday off.

Arizona: Mariners 6, Cubs 0
AZLM's:  18-7... AZL Cubs:  12-13

Miguel Marquez:  6 IP, 3 H, 2 walks, 4 K
Eddy Fernandez:  2.2 IP, K
Gregory Moviel:  one out
Maximo Mendez:  3-4, double, triple, 3 RBI, walk
Alfredo Mateo:  1-2, RBI, K
Luis Nuñez:  1-5, double, R, 2 K
Dwight Britton:  2-4, 2 R
Anthony Phillips:  3-4, R, RBI, SB

The Cubs got three hit.  AZLM's in a walkover.

a:  Vancouver 6, Everett 2
EVE:  13-20... VAN:  17-15

Robert Harmon:  4 IP, 4 H, (3 R) 1 ER, 5 walks, 5 K, 3 wild pitches
Philip Roy:  1 IP, 4 H, (3 R) 2 ER (HR), walk, K
Mark Pettis:  3 IP, 2 H, walk, 2 K, balk
Aaron Solomon:  1 IP, 3 walks, K, wild pitch
Ogui Diaz:  2-4, solo HR, walk
Roberto Mena:  2-5
Manelik Pimentel:  1-5, double, K
Joe Dunigan:  2-4, RBI

Robert Harmon got touched up a bit, so he got lifted before it got bad.  Bad news, though: hot and cold Philip Roy was even worse.  Once he was finished, the game was out of reach.

A:  South Bend 11, Wisconsin 3
WIS:  8-20... SBD:  15-14

Ricky Orta:  6.2 IP, 8 H, 7 ER (2 HR), 2 walks, 6 K, wild pitch
Shawn Kelley:  1.1 IP, 1 H, 1 ER (HR), walk, 2 K
Brian Kappel:  1 IP, 2 H, 3 ER (HR), walk
Leury Bonilla:  2-3, 2 doubles, R
Reed Eastley:  2-4, double, RBI, K
Joe White:  2-4, K
James McOwen:  0-2, sac fly RBI

Well, Ricky Orta has looked better by and large, but he got shellacked down the stretch today.

A+:  Lake Elsinore 7, High Desert 3
Mavs:  8-23... Lake:  21-10

Chris Tillman:  5 IP, 5 H, (5 R) 3 ER (HR), 2 walks, 5 K, 2 wild pitches
Roman Martinez:  1.2 IP, 2 H, (1 R) 0 ER, 2 K
Paul Fagan:  one out, 1 H
Ivan Blanco:  1 IP, 2 H, 1 ER, K
Carlos Triunfel:  2-5, R
Jesus Guzman:  3-5, double, R
Johan Limonta:  2-3, RBI, walk, K
Adam Moore:  2-4, R, RBI, K
Jeff Frazier:  2-4, double, RBI

When it rains in the Mariners org, it certainly pours.  Chris Tillman's day wasn't necessarily as horrible as 5 runs in 5 would suggest, but it certainly wasn't good.

Also, five starters had two or more hits, and they only scored three runs.  That's a lot of guys left on base (9 to be exact).

AA:  The DIAMOND JAXX had Sunday off.  They start a five game set with Birmingham tomorrow, in Jackson.

AAA:  First of all, yes, the Rainiers did finish that game from Saturday.

Tacoma 4, Las Vegas 3, 8 innings aka let's-just-get-this-over-with
Ignore yesterday's boxes: these are complete

Jake Woods:  6 IP, 5 H, 3 ER (HR), 2 walks, 2 K
Juan Sandoval:  1 IP, walk
Wife Vulture:  1 IP, 2 K
Jeremy Reed:  0-3, sac fly RBI, K
Adam Jones:  2-3, walk, SB
Bryan LaHair:  1-3, solo HR, walk, 2 K
Jeff Clement:  1-3, triple, 2 R, walk, 2 K
Gookie Dawkins:  1-2, R, RBI, 2 walks, SB #10

So once they got this going again, Wife Vulture went ahead and pitched a 1-2-3 8th, and then Wesley Wright walked the first two Rainiers he faced in the bottom 8th, Oswaldo Navarro bunted with two strikes and foul tipped for two outs, Nick Green singled and Jeremy Reed sac flied to cash in the winning run, as they shortened this game to 8 frames to get it in the books before the actual game.  Nothing beats going to Cheney and starting the day with a walkoff run.

That was as good as it would get, though.

Today's actual game:  Las Vegas 6, Tacoma 2
TAC:  44-57... LVG:  48-52

Tomo Ohka:  6 IP, 7 H, 5 ER (HR), 3 walks, 4 K, hit batter, absolutely blows
Juan Doñe:  2 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, K
Kam Mickolio:  1 IP, 2 K
Hey, did you hear Adam Jones didn't play this game?!
Jeremy Reed:  1-5, double, R, K
WLAD:  1-3, double, walk
Bryan LaHair:  3-4, double, solo HR< 2 RBI
every starter not named Sebastien Boucher had a hit

Five runs in the 3rd for the 51's prety much finished off the Rainiers, though it did not finish off Tomo Ohka, who survived that frame and pitched through 6 before ceding to pitchers who may actually have a future.