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7/17: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Roberts 2B Ichiro CF Patterson CF Vidro DH Markakis RF Ibanez LF Millar 1B Guillen RF Huff DH Beltre 3B Hernandez C Sexson 1B Gibbons LF Johjima C Gomez 3B Lopez 2B Hernandez SS Betancourt SS ---------- ----------

Guthrie (4-3, 3.07)         King Felix (6-4, 3.66)

Two of these pitchers are good. One of them is overachieving. Sorry, Jeremy, but you're about to run into a regal freight train. (9pm update: a regal freight train that's feeling generous)

By the way, the Cubs are annoying. Your season didn't turn around because of Lou or shedding Michael Barrett, nor will it get much better with the acquisition of Jason Kendall. All three are stupid conclusions, and all three have been mentioned to me by several Chicago fans with whom I interact. Remember what happened when we pulled for Boston in 2004? Let's not make the same mistake twice. There are a lot of teams that deserve to have their title droughts brought to an end, but the Cubs aren't one of them, not this year. Keep the championship out of Chicago.

...uh Happy Felix Day!