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7/15: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT


Granderson CF Ichiro CF Thames LF Vidro DH Sheffield DH Ibañez LF Ordoñez RF Guillen RF Guillen SS Broussard 1B Casey 1B Beltre 3B Rabelo C Lopez 2B Inge 3B Burke C Infante 2B Ballgame SS ---------- ----------

Verlander (10-3, 3.14)      Weaver (2-6, 6.34)

Back when he was drafted, a lot of people compared Brandon Morrow to Justin Verlander because of his fastball and collegiate pedigree. The difference is, while Morrow can hit the upper 90's in brief spurts, Verlander does it all game. And he has offspeed stuff to go with it. He's not as good as his low ERA, but the fact that he's discovered how to strike people out after a strange 2006 bodes well for Detroit and poorly for us. Of course, given his recent pace Jeff Weaver might only need two runs of support to pick up the win, so what am I going on about? Verlander may have the numbers, but Weaver's got the magic and little green floating companion.