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7/14: Open Game Thread

ROSTER NOTE: Woods up, Feierabend excommunicated

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Granderson CF Ichiro CF Polanco 2B Vidro DH Sheffield DH Ibanez LF Ordonez RF Guillen RF Guillen SS Sexson 1B Rodriguez C Beltre 3B Casey 1B Johjima C Thames LF Betancourt SS Inge 3B Lopez 2B ---------- ----------

Rogers (3-0, 1.04)          Beluga Tits (8-7, 4.54)

Takashi Saito has blown his last two save opportunities, which should pretty much erase any doubt about JJ being the best closer in baseball. In other news, even Yankee Stadium has an East Coast bias. The only way to even the score is for Safeco to get some New Yorker hit with a foul ball. I, for one, won't stand for this kind of disrespect.