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First Half In Review: Mariners Go Dancing

Don't forget to sign up for the LL/USSM events in Tacoma/Everett in early August.

The Mariner players' first half performances as Bananarama lyrics.


Come back with my heart
Baby stay with me and finish what you started
Come back my love to my heart
You'll never get away until you finish what you started

Jose Vidro

Baby don't you treat me this way
I'm sick and tired of you
And everything that you say
And everything you do

Jarrod Washburn

He's bad for me
That's what they say
Bad for me
But I don't care
Bad for me
What do they know
Bad for me
When he's standing close
I'm too blind to see
All the things he doesn't do for me

Kenji Johjima

I've waited so long
I've waited so long for someone like you

Adam Jones

And when I see him on the street
I look the other way
And when he asks if we could meet
I tell him another day

Ryan Feierabend

Where is the laughter
I know there must have been
A change of heart
Oh I don't wanna stay here with you
Now the sun won't shine

Jamie Burke

But if you want to know
How I really feel
Just get the cameras rolling
Get the action going
Baby you know my love for you is real
Take me where you want to
Then my heart you'll steal

JJ Putz

I don't need my photographs
No reminders of the past
Next to you there's no contest
Now I've got you in my life
To keep, to keep me warm at night
You're everything I need and more

Richie Sexson

I never questioned
The promises you made
Every time I gave my heart
I was betrayed
All the time
You just keep on hurting me

Ben Broussard

It's just an ordinary day
Going my own way
Nothing around obscures my view
And then I saw you
How could I pass you by

George Sherrill

Everyone's getting down
To the new sensation
That's going around
It's all that you ever need
Happiness guaranteed

Jason Davis

I know it's so hard
Cuz I shiver
I knew you were trouble from the moment we met

Sean White

Boy you're really something
Thought you had it made
Well I'm here to tell you
You've made a big mistake

Cha Baek

Don't talk to me
I've played this game before
You're just not what I need

Yuniesky Betancourt

You make me want to cry

Miguel Batista

All I'm asking for
Is a little more
Just do a little bit more

King Felix

But I've found the answer
To what I'm searching for
'Cos I felt so empty
Until you touched my soul
I can't let you go
Now that you're mine
I can't let you go
I want you for all time

Julio Mateo

Stop !
You'd better listen baby
Stop !
Keep your hands to yourself  

Jose Guillen

Lurking, he knows your face
He waits and bides his time
Mind clocks your every move
'Till you step out of line
Stalking streets by night
Pushing guns by day
He knows it isn't right
But he wants to make his name
He's working harder
Gotta make another, make another martyr

Chris Reitsma

How come whenever we're together
It always feels like heavy weather

Sean Green

Do we have a future
Or will love become a memory
Since the day we fell
We knew the story well
Only time will tell
Only time will tell

Raul Ibanez

Nothing, nothing lasts forever
Even though it makes you wanna cry
Ain't nothing you can do to keep it all together
Nothing lasts forever, nothing lasts forever
Nothing, nothing lasts forever

Eric O'Flaherty

I'm so set on you
Falling falling falling
I'm so set on you
Falling in love

Willie Ballgame

It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it
It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it
It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it

Mike Hargrove

And now the sun has finally set and
This is where the story ends we
Didn't count upon a rainy day

Jeff Weaver

If I told you, you wouldn't believe it
You stopped my heart from beating
Every second I am dreaming
I wanna be with you
And together we'll get high

Adrian Beltre

You in my system
In my blood in my veins
In my system
You're my joy you're my pain  

Jose Lopez

I've been fooling around for a while
Now I'm making a move
Since we met I've been trying to love you
But its gotta take two so come on, yeah

Brandon Morrow

You've had your chance
I gave you my heart
But soon I found out
Don't try to say
We shouldn't part
Enough's enough and the time has come

Jon Huber, Ryan Rowland-Smith, Jake Woods

You think you're fine
I'm not impressed
You're just like the rest

Horacio Ramirez

But you'll be back for more
And you'll get hurt
Just like before

Jason Ellison

Sometimes you wonder
What you came here for