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WPA Review

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There have been a few requests for me to present this data, so off we go. Fangraphs has its numbers updated daily, but they calculate theirs differently than I do, mostly because of errors; for them, batters get credit if they hit into an error and pitchers get docked if the defense screws up in the field. I disagree with that and calculate things differently, hence the deviations you'll see in the data.



(This is offense-only. While I charge position players for errors in my daily recaps, that's only because the errors have to go somewhere. WPA, though, is a greatly insufficient tool for measuring defensive contribution, so for our purposes here all that stuff is left out. [I keep them separate in my spreadsheets, but combine them in the recaps.] What you see for, say, Yuniesky Betancourt is just what he's done at the plate and doesn't make any attempt to include his errors.)

Ichiro (1.580)
Broussard (0.705)
Ibanez (0.320)
Ballgame (0.279)
Lopez (0.240)
Guillen (0.181)
Burke (0.022)
Ellison (-0.229)
Betancourt (-0.375)
Beltre (-0.463)
Sexson (-0.547)
Vidro (-0.649)
Johjima (-0.911)

If you're looking for an explanation for why Johjima's at the bottom despite a pretty solid first half, I don't know what to tell you. It's not my methodology; Fangraphs has him as second-lowest. Just one of those quirks of the system that make the stat both so interesting and utterly useless for predictive purposes.


Putz (3.892)
Washburn (1.247)
Sherrill (1.223)
Hernandez (0.763)
O'Flaherty (0.755)
Morrow (0.411)
Davis (0.226)
Batista (0.206)
Huber (0.065)
Rowland-Smith (0.001)
Woods (-0.048)
Reitsma (-0.119)
Green (-0.176)
White (-0.444)
Baek (-0.478)
Mateo (-0.545)
Ramirez (-0.731)
Feierabend (-0.937)
Weaver (-0.958)

According to Fangraphs (which I have to use because I don't have numbers for every other team in baseball), JJ has a 93-point lead on second place (Saito) among relievers. He is, right now, a legitimate candidate for both Cy Young and MVP. I don't know that he'll keep up this pace (both performance and usage pattern), but the Mariners might very well end up with two guys who could conceivably bring home the two biggest personal awards in the league. That...that's something, that's what that is.