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Win late on Saturday night + day game on Sunday = standard You Write The Recap! It might seem like I'm slacking off a little bit, which is totally true, but in my defense even winning can wear you out sometimes, and not in my defense I should've read the label of that beer before having so much of it. Fortunately, with the way the Mariners are playing right now I think you'll all survive. It's gotten to the point now where the team's so hot that you develop this kind of staggering confidence that can't even be shaken by a seemingly terrible pitching matchup. Regardless of whether you're facing Dustin McGowan or Roy Halladay, you look for the ways to beat them and assume that the Mariners will follow through. No one ought to get cocky, because these guys haven't won anything yet, but when's the last time you could've been accused of taking a win for granted?

Slowly but surely, Safeco's beginning to regain that old environment of enthusiasm and expectation. And in a way, every win makes the next one more important. Why stop at seven? Win tomorrow and the ensuing trip to Kansas City stands a chance of making this something for the ages. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but why shouldn't I? This is as good as the Mariners have looked in years. Let a brother dream.

Biggest Contribution: Sean Green, +13.2%
Biggest Suckfest: Kenji Johjima, -8.8%
Most Important At Bat: Beltre single, +16.6%
Most Important Pitch: Wells double play, +13.6%
Total Contribution by Pitcher(s): +25.9%
Total Contribution by Position Players: +21.5%
Total Contribution by Opposition: +2.6%

(What is this chart?)

Weaver and Marcum tomorrow afternoon at 1:05pm. I'd say "Raul should be back in the lineup for this one" but even I'm getting sick of hearing that. And frankly, with the way things are going, he can take his sweet ass time.