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6/8: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Giles 2B Lopez 2B Sledge LF Guillen RF Gonzalez 1B Ibanez LF Bard C Sexson 1B Cammy CF Johjima C Branyan 3B Beltre 3B Greene SS Betancourt SS Bocachica! RF Batista P Germano P ---------- ----------

Beluga Tits (6-4, 5.43)     Germano (4-0, 1.74)

In 62 innings this year spent between the real minors (PCL) and the glorified minors (NL), Germano has fanned 30 batters, walked just five, allowed three homers, and induced groundballs on 57% of balls in play. The only thing keeping him from being the pitching version of Yuniesky Betancourt is that the pitching version of Yuniesky Betancourt would lead the league in balls inadvertently thrown into the dugout.

I'll be in attendance, which means the M's will lose, because nothing good ever happens to me in the world of sports, and you guys are boned for choosing the same team to root for. Accept it now, because the only thing worse than living the life of the damned is not knowing that you live the life of the damned.