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LL Days In San Diego

Okay, so here's the deal. Even if you're already done so, if you're planning to be there, please email me and let me know which day (or both, if you're awesome).


Batista vs. Germano, 7:05pm (Mike Cameron T-shirt day!)

Meet-up at The Field (Irish Pub) ~5:30. 544 Fifth Avenue, between Market and Island in the Gaslamp, about two blocks from the park. I'll be the guy in the home Ichiro jersey surrounded by beautiful strangers.^

As for the game itself, if you don't already have tickets, I'm sitting in 309 (upper infield reserved), back ten rows. I hope I bump into this guy at the top of the escalator.


Jeff Weaver. No thanks.


Felix vs. Young!, 1:05pm.

Meet-up at Bondi Bar (Australian pub) ~11:30. 333 Fifth Avenue, between J and K, also in the Gaslamp. Two blocks from the park. I've never been there, but the place comes highly recommended. I'll still be the guy in the home Ichiro jersey, although my crowd of beautiful strangers will be less in number as I begin to weed out the relative uggos.^

My ticket this time is in the first row of 126 (left field lower boxes). If you don't have tickets yet, and you've never been to Petco for a Sunday matinee, avoid right field, because the sun is a bitch, and it's totally not worth the discomfort unless you're one of those people who's unusually proud of scorched foreheads and elbow tans.

Again, just email me as a heads-up, and I'll see some of you there.

(^ - I'll actually be the guy in the home Ichiro jersey standing alone with beer, because I like Ichiro, and I like beer.)