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6/6: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 1:35pm PDT


Payton CF Ichiro CF Gomez 2B Lopez 2B Markakis RF Guillen RF Tejada DH Ibanez LF Mora 3B Sexson 1B Huff 1B Vidro DH Hernandez C Betancourt SS Gibbons LF Ballgame 3B Bynum SS Burke C ---------- ----------

Cabrera (4-6, 4.72)         Washburn (5-4, 3.57)

Via Patrick Brown:

Just like Monday, Ichiro delivered, dropping an RBI-double into left field, giving the Mariners the lead for good.

He attributed his success to his hunger. Not just for a win, but for dinner, too.

"Yesterday when I played, inside my head I said 'I want to go home quickly,' and I swung and I was able to get a hit because I wanted to go home," Ichiro said through a translator. "Today I thought, 'I want to hurry up and get something to eat,' and I swung and got a hit today."


"That's true," he said in English, sporting a big grin.

Because of the Stanley Cup, I'm driving back up to Anaheim for what might be the worst trip of my life. So once again, I'm leaning on baseball to salvage the day. Don't let me down. We don't need to compound the problem.