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More Fun With Cool Standings

...because it's a fun website to explore. Anyway, the following is a list of how the playoff probabilities of the AL teams have changed since the beginning of the month:

Detroit: +40.1%
Los Angeles: +19.9%
New York: +7.1%
Toronto: +4.8%
Seattle: +1.0%
Tampa Bay: -
Kansas City: -
Texas: -0.2%
Chicago: -1.5%
Boston: -2.5%
Minnesota: -13.1%
Baltimore: -14.9%
Oakland: -17.1%
Cleveland: -23.9%

The site's far from perfect, but it's interesting to look at. Seattle's barely gained any ground because the teams they've been chasing have also been red-hot, but if you go back to May 21st, the Mariners are up 16.7%. Detroit got a huge boost because they leap-frogged the Indians to get into first place in the Central. Oakland's had an awful month, but it's even worse if you just look at the last two weeks - on June 15th they stood at 37-29 with a 58% chance of making the playoffs, but including their loss this morning they're at 40-38 and presumably somewhere around 13% or so (site hasn't been updated yet). They've lost nine of twelve while the Angels and Mariners both went 7-4, and it's just absolutely killed them. It's not the end of the world, but this is a bad time to be giving games away.