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6/27: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 1:35pm PDT


Crisp CF Ichiro CF Pedroia 2B Lopez 2B Ortiz DH Vidro DH Manny LF Sexson 1B YOUUUUUUUUk 1B Broussard LF Lowell 3B Guillen RF Varitek C Beltre 3B Peña RF Betancourt SS Lugo SS Burke C ---------- ----------

Matsuzaka (9-5, 4.01)       Feierabend (1-2, 8.20)

Once again (and hopefully for the last time) the electric company's shutting our power off tomorrow as they replace some cable in the neighborhood, so I have to throw this thread up crazy early. Why San Diego Gas & Electric isn't very accommodating to the desires of a local Seattle Mariners blogger I can't be sure, but they aren't, and this is my burden. I hate having to miss important games.

Anyway, the pitching matchup sucks, but if Feierabend's able to make a few balls die at the track instead of soar over it, that might be enough to keep it interesting. Our offense is every bit as good as theirs, and while the good bits of our bullpen are exhausted, we've won slugfests before. Go in with low but legitimate hopes. Stranger things have happened.