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LL/USSM Gatherings

Dave already made his post, and I suppose it wouldn't make much sense for me to just repeat all the details, so go read what he said. In short, come August 2nd/3rd-ish (the exact dates are up in the air but these are currently the most likely) we're looking to host two events, one in Tacoma and one in Everett. (I had earlier hinted at coming up in mid-July instead, but it looks like I'm doing this instead, since the timing's way better.) For a small fee around $20-25 you'd get a ballgame and the pleasure of our company, and that's a bargain because I usually charge normal people at least twice that much to be seen with me in a crowd. It's a limited-time offer that you shouldn't pass up.

Since we're trying to find out how good an idea this is before committing a bunch of money to airfare, let us know via comments or email whether you'd be interested in attending. I'll make like Dave and request the following information:

Number of people - bringing friends/family?
Level of interest - definitely in, probably in, or maybe in.
Which site - Everett or Tacoma (or both is fine too).

We'd center an event around the M's instead, except (A) minor league baseball is more fun, and (B) good luck finding a block of tickets to Safeco that weekend, since the Red Sox are in town again.

So anyway, let us know, and we hope to see you there. At either place. Or both places. That one's your call.

Hey look, I repeated Dave's post anyway.