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6/25: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Drew RF Ichiro CF Pedroia 2B Lopez 2B Ortiz DH Vidro DH Ramirez LF Sexson 1B Youkilis 1B Broussard RF Lowell 3B Johjima C Varitek C Beltre 3B Crisp CF Betancourt SS Lugo SS Ballgame LF ---------- ----------

Tavarez (5-4, 4.50)         Weaver (1-6, 8.56)

We watch baseball for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, we watch to win. There's a reason the good teams outdraw the bad ones. But beyond that, we watch to be surprised. We watch to be entertained. We watch to be amazed. We watch to be emotional. We watch to be relaxed. We watch to be distracted. We watch to be captivated. And so on and so forth.

Tonight, we watch to hate. And to win, but that's secondary, especially with Weaver on the mound. Fuck the Red Sox. Fuck who they are, fuck what they stand for, and fuck the people who follow them. Go ask the kind folks at Gaslamp Ball what this most malevolent of red armies did to the Padres' innocent and beautiful downtown stadium. The Red Sox are a virus, and the only known inoculation is 11.5 games back and starting Miguel Cairo at first base. So tonight, and for the rest of the series, it's in our hands. Fight the good fight. Fans, outcheer your neighbor. Vendors, poison the lager. Ticketers, quarantine these soulless bastards in the upper deck. And players, perform with pride, honor, and dignity, because the world unites in the war against evil, and tonight the prayers of the many fall on your shoulders. Send these sorry sons of bitches out of town broken and defeated, or die trying. Give Curt Schilling something to whine about and a reason to doubt his faith. This is the Northwest, you pompous blowhard. God's on our side.