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Eye On Courage, 6/1

(No, I'm never going to get sick of this guy, so just deal with it.)

You better believe our favorite Mariner fan was back in the ballpark tonight. And by a stroke of awesomeness, LL member Bender was able to track him down and chat with him for a little bit. And I quote:

I met the crazy Beltre fan guy...His name is Red, and my buddy and I have some good pics with him which we will post shortly.  We did a brief interview with him and here are the high points:

   1. Fuck Kenny Lofton
   2. He really does love Beltre that much and has since he was just starting out with the Dodgers
   3. He's had that sign since opening day, but he tore it last night beating another fan with it
   4. He has a girlfriend (or wife) and they're a cute Beltre loving couple
   5. He had no idea he was famous on the internet, but he knows now.

Red apparently also owns a 3' bobblehead of Adrian Beltre that he's planning to bring to the game tomorrow. Simply put, this guy is amazing, and makes me feel like I'm going about my fandom in completely the wrong way.

Bender was even able to take some pictures with Red, but since they aren't uploaded yet, we'll have to make do with some screenshots of his antics from earlier tonight in the meantime (after the jump).

Going clockwise, Image 1 is the first sighting of a bobblehead doll (presumably Beltre) of which Red make frequent use during the game. Based on how and when he was using it, I'm guessing that Red uses the doll to send both good and bad vibes to the batter, depending on who's at the plate.

Image 2: Red roars like a lion. You can't see it in the picture, but he had his hands up, and he was also using his tongue. It was most ferocious.

Image 3: Red as a walrus.

Image 4: Red holding up the bobblehead and using his other hand to pantomime some sort of breaking motion, probably to help inspire a Mariner rally.

Image 5: Red caught by a different camera after the third out in the top of the fifth. The man is no stranger to airtime.

Image 6: Red holding a beer. I approve of this.

Of course, no collection of images from tonight's game would be complete without capturing Red's feelings towards Kenny Lofton a few minutes after he robbed Red's favorite player of a go-ahead home run:

Damn right, Red.

Damn right.