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6/16: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 4:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Biggio 2B Vidro LOL 2B Pence CF Guillen RF Berkman 1B Ibanez LF Lee LF Sexson 1B Loretta SS Johjima C Scott RF Lopez 3B Lamb 3B Betancourt E-6 Ausmus C Baek P Williams P ---------- ----------

Baek (3-2, 5.22)            Williams (2-9. 5.51)

There have been two Woody Williamses in the history of Major League Baseball, but only one of them actually has "Wood" in his given name, and it sure as hell isn't the one who's still playing. It's time to expose this fraud for the loser he really is. You're 40 years old, Gregory Scott. After this long, did you really think no one would notice?