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6/13: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 5:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Soriano LF Lopez 2B Pie CF Guillen RF Lee 1B Ibanez LF Floyd RF Sexson 1B DeRosa 3B Johjima C Theriot SS Betancourt SS Fontenot 2B Ballgame 3B Koyie Who? C Batista P Marshall P ---------- ----------

Beluga Tits (7-4, 5.48)     Marshall (2-2, 2.08)

Because the lovely people at San Diego Gas & Electric have scheduled another all-day power outage beginning ~8am as they replace some cable in the neighborhood, I have to throw this thread up crazy early. Depending on when the power comes back, I might not even be able to watch the game, although given the toll the last few have taken on my heart a day off might not be such a bad idea.

Marshall's a lefty who works in the zone, so we should be able to overcome Beltre's probable absence (still has a sore left thumb) and score a few runs. The onus will be on Batista to get us at least six innings, but then I don't think the Cubs are really the kind of team that knocks guys out early. Here's to a game decided by five or more runs so we can get everyone important in the bullpen a little rest.

(Note: I plan to resume working on the LL shop when the game's over and the power's back. See this thread if you don't know what I'm talking about. If you're sending me a new or modified design by email, it should be up and available by the time I go to bed tomorrow night.)