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5/9: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 4:05pm PDT OMGZ TEH RAIN!... 5:45pm PDT


Ichiro CF Granderson CF Vidro DH Polanco 2B Ibanez LF Sheffield DH Sexson 1B Ordonez RF Guillen RF Guillen SS Beltre 3B Rodriguez C Johjima C Casey 1B Betancourt SS Monroe LF Lopez 2B Inge 3B ---------- ----------

Baek (0-0, 7.53)            Robertson (3-1, 2.48)

You know, I was just thinking something. A lot of the time, when a pitcher struggles - particularly one who's new to a team - you hear him say that he's not taking the right approach, like not properly mixing things up or whatever, or the coaching staff mentions a mechanical problem that's throwing him off his game (frequently 'tipping his pitches' or something). There's some kind of given reason for why the pitcher isn't doing as well as people expected him to when he was acquired.

For Ho Ramirez, though, there's none of that. If anything, we're hearing about how he's pretty much executing his game plan to a tee, and opposing bats are just getting around on his pitches and slapping them into the outfield. What does that tell you?

Major League pitchers have the stuff to retire Major League hitters. Ho Ramirez doesn't. Jeff Weaver isn't the only guy who needs to go away.

Also, Cha Baek isn't very good.