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13-11, reaction thread

That had to be one of the craziest games ever.  Baek gave up a touchdown, Igawa was worse, and neither one factored in the decision. Even Richie finally caved in and actually joined the party and got a hit!

(13-11 is, by the way, the team's W/L record now, not the score of today's game. The score was 15-11. Just to be clear.)

Jeff is still out drinking or whatever, so here's your reaction thread until he can get back and give you a standard Win Expectancy chart.

Colter Bean is not, infact, shaped like a bean.  Unless, perhaps, you mean a lima bean.


Jeff's note: Dammit, I haven't been drinking. Our campus internet died a few hours ago and only just now got fixed. Of course, if this is anything like the last couple days, it's only temporary. Go college!