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5/3 Minor League Wrap-Up (abbreviated)

I work with a bunch of a-holes, and due to uncanny project circumstances, at this present time I can only throw up last night's box scores and today's probables.

However, with no class after work tonight, I'll look to sit down and fill in the blanks, so check back later tonight.  Apologies, and this should not become a normal thing (again, uncanny circumstances), so never fear.

*UPDATE:* I have now done a write-up for each of the games today, some more interesting than others. Also, LOL we have a ballclub owned by Nick Lachey.

A: High Desert 3, Bakersfield 2

Paul Fagan: 6 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 4 walks, 7 K, wild pitch
Austin Bibens-Dirkx: 2 IP, 0 H, walk, K
Roman Martinez: 1 IP, walk
Michael Saunders: 1-3, 2 R, walk (.242)
Casey Craig: 1-4, double, R, RBI, 2 K (.272)
Jesus Guzman: 1-3, double, RBI, walk, K (.299)
rest of lineup: 0-16, sac fly RBI, walk, 5 K

The opposing pitcher will be curiously familiar to M's fans: Edinson Volquez. The Rangers wanted him to start from scratch with his mechanics despite a ton of success in AAA Oklahoma last season, and so far, he is getting hammered, and I don't mean with Sauza. High Desert went ahead and jumped on him for 3 runs in the first four innings, which is all they would need thanks to a quality, if not slightly wild, performance from Paul Fagan. Sadly, despite the quick runs, they only managed a total of 3 hits off Volquez over his 5 innings, while he K'd 6, plus the bullpen gave up nothing more. However, the Mavs bullpen was similarly strong, and the Blaze could not come all the way back, especially once the dominant Fagan ceded to the bullpen, which also gave up nothing.

The key positive note was the two hitless innings from Austin Bibens-Dirkx, with only one ball leaving the infield. While the sidearmer has struggled on the road, ABD, oddly enough, has been a shutdown reliever at home despite playing in a launchpad.

NEXT: Jon Lockwood, tonight in Modesto at 7:05 pm PDT.

A: Dayton 5, Wisconsin 2

Steven Richard: 4 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 3 walks, 4 K
Steve Uhlmansiek: 2 IP, 3 H, (2 R) 1 ER
Joseph Kantakevich: 2 IP, 2 H, walk, K
Justin Souza: 1 IP, 2 H, (2 R) 1 ER
Ogui Diaz: 2-4, double, RBI, K (.233)
Carlos Triunfel: 1-4, SB (.264)
Leury Bonilla: 1-3, R, walk, 2 K (.306)
Carlos Peguero: 0-4, 2 K (.121)
Danny Santin (!): 1-4, RBI, 2 K

The T-Rats took a 2-1 lead into the top 6th. Steven Richard (not to be confused with pro rassling jobber Steven Richards) threw 4 solid innings, all the T-Rats could expect on short notice in lieu of the injured Tony Butler, and Steve Uhlmansiek came out to work a 2nd inning in middle relief.

It looked like his 2nd inning would pass without incident. Denis Phipps lined out to 2nd and Logan Parker harmlessly grounded to Hargrove's kid at 1B. Then Chris Heisey smoked a worm-burner down the LF line for a double. Then Anthony Esquer smacked a double to right to score Heisey and tie the game at 2. Billy Rojo grounded to 2nd, but Ogui Diaz threw it YIKES AND AWAY past 1st and Esquer scored to make it 3-2 Dayton. It was all so sudden. Uhlmansiek got Drew Stubbs to ground out to 2nd, but yet another backbreaking turn of events had the T-Rats in the hole once again. But at least it was close, and it stayed close until the top 9th....

Hey, remember when I mentioned that Leury Bonilla got techincally called out on strikes due to the new step-out-strike rule? Well, his frustrations with the umpiring finally boiled over in the top 9th. With the T-Rats trailing 3-2 and runners in scoring position with no outs, Justin Turner grounded to Bonilla at 3rd. Bonilla checked the runners and quickly threw to get a hustling Turner out at 1st. Except 1B umpire Alex Ortiz called Turner safe. With time called, Bonilla went nuclear on Ortiz, and got himself tossed pretty quick. Manager Jim Horner came out and busted a gasket about the bad call, and he too was tossed. Chris Valaika immediately singled in two runs to make it 5-2, and the wind completely left the T-Rats' sails, as Jose Rojas K'd the side in the bottom 9th.

I'm gonna have to do some research and take a survey of the ages and backgrounds of every regular in the Midwest League, because I want to believe that this T-Rats season is just a product of the circumstances. I really do.

NEXT: Chris Tillman opens a new series in South Bend today at 4:00 pm PDT.

AA: West Tenn 6, Mobile 2

Andrew Baldwin: 5.1 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 3 K
Aaron Troila: 2.2 IP, walk, 3 K, vultured win
Craig James: 1 IP
Sabastien Boucher: 2-3, triple, 2 R, walk, K (.200)
Ron Prettyman: 1-4, RBI (.200)
Prentice Redman (!): 0-2, walk (.289)
Marshall Hubbard: 0-2, 2 sac fly RBI, K (.277)
Matt Tuiasosopo: 1-3, R, walk (.362)
Jeff Frazier: 2-4, solo HR, 2 R, K (.212)
Luis Oliveros: 1-4, double, RBI (.385)

The DIAMOND JAXX popped in two runs during the 3rd, one on a rare line drive RBI single from Ron Prettyman and another on a Marshall Hubbard sac fly. Mobile tied the game in the top 6th. With one out, Cesar Nicholas' grounder found a hole into LF, and Josh Ford doubled him over to 3rd. That did it for starter Andrew Baldwin, who scattered 8 hits over 5.1 innings and allowed only a run. He ceded to the always-dubious Aaron Troila, who got Carlos Gonzalez to ground out to 2nd, but the runners moved over and Nicolas scored to tie the ballgame. Troila also got Chris Rahl to ground out to end the inning, but now the DIAMOND JAXX needed more runs.

They went to the bottom 6th, and with one out, Tui lined a single to center, then Jeff Frazier's grounder found a hole into RF, and RF Carlos Gonzalez horked it somewhere resembling the proper base, allowing Tui to score the go-ahead run as Frazier took 2nd. 3-2 West Tenn. Chris Minaker popped up for two outs, but Luis Oliveros showed us again that he deserves more playing time than Rene WOS Rivera, doubling to center to score Frazier and making it 4-2. Luis Valbuena went down on strikes (AGAIN) but West Tenn capitalized to save Andrew Baldwin's bacon, allowing Troila to vulture the win (MATEO IN THE MAKING). The DIAMOND JAXX added runs in the 7th and 8th, including Jeff Frazier's first HR of the season to lead off the 8th.

NEXT: Robert Rohrbaugh, tonight vs Mobile at 5:05 pm PDT.

AAA: Colorado Springs 12, Tacoma 1

Jorge Campillo: 6 IP, 6 H, (4 R) 3 ER, walk, 4 K
Jason Mackintosh: 3 IP, 9 H, 8 ER (HR), 3 walks, 3 K
Jeremy Reed: 0-4, K (.231)
WLAD: 2-3, walk (.376)
Bryan LaHair: 0-3, R, walk, K (.210)
Mike Morse: 3-4 (.337)
Jeff Clement: 1-4, K (.196)
Jon Nelson: 1-3, walk (.292)
Rob Johnson (DH): 1-3, walk, K (.225)

Do you trust your AAA ballclub in the hands of anyone stupid enough to marry Jessica Simpson?

The Sky Sox jumped on Jorge Campillo for 3 runs in the 1st, but the game was within modest reach, until the Sky Sox flat out blew up on Jason Mackintosh starting in the 7th (3 runs) and never letting up until they happened to make 3 outs in the 9th, up 12-1. I blame Nick Lachey. He is the Rainiers' Scrappy as far as I'm concerned, and if anything, it sure wasn't WLAD's and Mike Morse's fault. Marc Kaiser, by no means an impressive prospect, scattered 7 hits and 4 walks over 8 innings, allowing only the one run.

NEXT: Justin Lehr, tonight vs Salt Lake at 6:05 pm.