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5/29: Open Game Thread

ROSTER UPDATE: Huber down to make room for Feierabend.

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Willits LF Vidro DH Cabrera SS Guillen RF Guerrero RF Ibanez LF Matthews CF Sexson 1B Quinlan 3B Johjima C Napoli C Beltre 3B Kendrick 2B Betancourt SS Hillenbrand Abortion Lopez 2B Kotchman 1B ---------- ----------

Feierabend (0-0, -.--)      Santana (3-6, 6.00)

Reads Ervin Santana's Baseball-Reference sponsorship:

The 'other' Santana. The best 'Ervin' since Johnson. The ace of the Los Angeles Angels staff. 12-8 then 16-8, is 20-8 next?

Appropriately bad statistical forecasting from an appropriately underinformed Angels fan (also, Ervin Hatibi, hellooooooooooo). Feierabend's secondary pitches are still a work in progress, so he remains vulnerable against right-handed hitters, but Santana's vulnerable against everyone, and this is the hottest lineup in baseball right now. This thing's going to end up something like 8-5 or 9-8, with a lot more stranded baserunners. Hopefully we're the ones in the field when they record the 27th out.

9:30pm Update: or I could be totally wrong.