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5/25: Open Game Thread

ROSTER UPDATE: Ho --> DL, Huber promoted.

First Pitch: 5:10pm PDT


Ichiro CF DeJesus CF Vidro DH Grudzielanek 2B Guillen RF Teahen RF Ibanez LF Sweeney DH Sexson 1B Costa LF Johjima C Gordon 3B Beltre 3B Shealy 1B Betancourt SS Buck C Lopez 2B Pena SS ---------- ----------

King Felix (2-2, 2.77)      Meche (3-2, 2.44)

How good has Gil Meche been this year? Not as good as it looks. He's obviously a much better pitcher than he was with Seattle a year ago, thanks to a 5% increase in strikes and a 30% increase in groundballs, but the 1.52 difference between his ERA and FIP is the fourth-largest gap in the AL. He's been a fine #2, and looks like a pretty good rotation leader for a team that badly needs one, but it's not going to stay this rosy for long.

I didn't think I'd ever have to write that.