Next LL Night - June 4th, anyone?

June 4th is:

  1. a Monday night game against the Orioles
  2. a BECU $10-in-view-reserved night
  3. Felix's next home start, assuming no scheduling snafus
(I'm using the sortable schedule, his next start is tomorrow, then 5/30 in Anaheim, then 6/4 in Seattle)

So, let's get a gang together again like last time, buy some cheap seats in a section nobody cares about, and have a grand old time cheering for King Felix, because it's much more fun to watch a game together in person than online!

EDIT: Let's try for Section 340, Row 15 this time -- it's on the third base side, closer to the real life Lookout Landing.

(if you are going to another game in the homestand and want to try to see who else is going, feel free to try to piggyback on some of these tangents, though)