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Horacio Ramirez:

Also one of the worst starting pitchers in Mariner history.

14 strikeouts and 18 walks so far in 38.2 innings, along with the lowest groundball rate of his career.

And he's all ours for a few years, at the low low price of one of the best relievers in baseball.

Time for his sorry ass to go away forever.

1:02pm Update: Ramirez yanked from game after two innings with what's probably an injury. We may be getting our wish.

1:17pm Update: Ho gone with "tightness in his left shoulder." Hopefully of the significant and incapacitating variety.

1:23pm Update: Sean White also needs to go away forever.

1:30pm Update: Carlos Garcia...well it might be easier to make a list of Mariners who *don't* need to go away forever.