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5/24: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 12:10pm PDT


Ichiro CF Upton CF Vidro DH Harris SS Guillen RF Crawford LF Broussard LF Wigginton 2B Sexson 1B Young RF Johjima C Cantu 1B Betancourt SS Gomes DH Lopez 2B Navarro C Bloomquist 3B Wilson 3B ---------- ----------

Ho (4-2, 6.10)              Seo (2-4, 7.80)

According to THT, the Mariners have the second-worst team defense in the AL and the fourth-worst defense in the Majors, at -19 plays (-13 on grounders, -6 on fly balls). I wouldn't have believed it either, but there you go. What this means is that, with Ho, Seo, and both groups of gloves, today's game is featuring an exceptional amount of ugly. Here's to the Mariners coming out on top of such a distinguished competition.