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5/21: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 4:05pm PDT


Ichiro CF Sizemore CF Turbo DH Blake 3B Guillen RF Hafner DH Sexson 1B Martinez C Beltre 3B Nixon RF Johjima C Peralta SS Betancourt SS Dellucci LF Lopez 2B Garko 1B Ballgame LF Barfield 2B ---------- ----------

Baek (1-1, 5.16)            Sabathia (6-1, 3.65)

The Cleveland Indians have a team .353 OBP. The Mariners have exactly one player at or above that mark. Sabathia's a lefty, so our odds today are better than they seem on the surface, but still holy crap that's depressing.

Me, I'm flying back across the country today, so I'm looking for things to start getting back to normal tomorrow.