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5/17: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Willits LF Ichiro CF Cabrera SS Vidro DH Guerrero RF Guillen RF Matthews CF Sexson 1B Quinlan 1B Broussard LF Hillenbrand DH Beltre 3B Izturis 3B Johjima C Molina C Betancourt SS Aybar 2B Lopez 2B ---------- ----------

Colon (4-0, 3.66)           Washburn (3-3, 2.64)

In doing a Fangraphs search for "Colon" to pull up Bartolo's player page, I stumbled across a guy from 1919 by the name of Colonel Snover, who threw nine innings for the Giants before, I dunno, going to war or dying or something. Although his career was short and marred by four unearned runs, his 279 ERA+ still stands to this day as one of the best in baseball history.

Meanwhile, a Baseball-Reference search for "Washburn" turns up one Harry Berthrong, who hit .233 in 73 at bats for the Washington Olympics in 1871. Berthrong's OPS+ of 61 was weak, especially when stacked up against teammate Doug Allison's 134, but it was Berthrong's speed, tenacity, and 2.00 BB/K that kept him in the lineup. He presumably also went on to die in a war.