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5/15: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Willits LF Ichiro CF Figgins 3B Vidro DH Cabrera SS Ibanez LF Matthews CF Sexson 1B Kotchman 1B Guillen RF Hillenbrand DH Beltre 3B Izturis 2B Johjima C Napoli C Betancourt SS Murphy RF Lopez 2B ---------- ----------

Escobar (4-1, 2.21)         King Felix (2-1, 1.56)

So, the best pitcher in baseball is on a 70-80 pitch count tonight, but against the second most over-aggressive lineup in the AL (we're number one! we're number one!), I figure that'll be good for ten or eleven innings. Happy Felix day?