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5/10: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 10:05am PDT


Ichiro CF Granderson CF Vidro DH Polanco 2B Ibanez LF Sheffield DH Guillen RF Ordonez RF Broussard 1B Guillen SS Beltre 3B Casey 1B Betancourt SS Thames LF Lopez 2B Inge 3B Burke C Rabelo C ---------- ----------

Weaver (0-5, 15.35)         Verlander (2-1, 2.75)

If Jeff Weaver threw a complete game shutout, he'd lower his ERA to 10.04.

...yeah. With Baek's performance last night and Felix supposedly returning in five days, another bad outing could and should mean the end of Jeff Weaver, Mariner starter. Which gives you something else to root for in case you find the odds of a Seattle victory far too slim.