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5/1: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Ozuna 3B Ichiro CF Iguchi 2B Beltre 3B Dye RF Vidro DH Konerko 1B Ibanez LF Crede DH Sexson 1B Pierzynski C Broussard RF Uribe SS Betancourt SS Mackowiak LF Lopez 2B Terrero CF Burke C ---------- ----------

Vazquez (2-0, 3.75)         Washburn (1-2, 2.96)

Despite playing half their games in a hitter-friendly environment, the White Sox have the lowest team BA, the fourth-lowest team OBP, and the 2nd-lowest team SLG in the American League. In 211 collective plate appearances against left-handed pitchers, they have a staggering .554 OPS. Jim Thome and Scott Podsednik - the only batters on the roster with an OPS over .760 - are both currently on the DL. All but one of Darin Erstad's appearances in the lineup this year have come in the top two slots. Offenses aren't supposed to suck this bad. We can complain all we want about Adrian Beltre's slow start, but can you imagine a lineup full of him?

With basically the same group of players as they had last year, it's only a matter of time before the White Sox figure out how to stop blowing. And it'd only be fitting for that to happen tonight. Not that I'm crossing my fingers or anything, but really, would you be surprised?