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Sunday Doubleheader Postponed

Via Baker:

The good news is, the Mariners will take their .667 winning percentage into Monday. The bad news? Plenty of it, since they just called off today's scheduled doubleheader. No, it has not stopped snowing. It's still pretty darned cold out, and frankly, I hope Major League Baseball gets a new schedule maker and figures out that it simply cannot allow northern teams to play this many home dates so early on in April. At least, the ones without a covered stadium.

They'll try to fit in two games tomorrow, the first starting at 1:05pm PDT. Not that we haven't heard that before or anything. With the Red Sox home opener on Tuesday morning, this means that the Mariners are going to have three games in about 22 hours, which is beyond ridiculous. Jose Vidro's going to collapse from exhaustion.

I'm not mad at Cleveland. I'm just disappointed. After all, it's not their fault MLB hires phenylketonuria patients as schedule makers to save money. If nothing else, at least this whole episode should open some peoples' eyes and maybe indicate that early April games shouldn't be played so far north if the team doesn't have a roof. Maybe.