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4/6: Open Game Thread

1:20pm update: start time's been pushed back to 2:00pm PDT, but whether or not it actually happens is still up in the air. Tomorrow's game was pushed up to 10:05am, instead of 4:05pm. See Geoff Baker's blog for details.

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT?


Ichiro CF Sizemore CF Beltre 3B Michaels LF Vidro "DH" Hafner MVP Ibanez LF Martinez C Sexson 1B Blake RF Guillen RF Garko 1B Johjima C Peralta SS Betancourt SS Barfield 2B Lopez 2B Marte 3B ---------- ----------

Ho (0-0, -.--)         Byrd (0-0, -.--)

We'll see if this thing actually takes place - Cleveland already had some minor league affiliates snowed out, so keep an eye on Let's Go Tribe for the weather report. If we do end up having a game, it'll be, uh, well, Cleveland just put up a .963 OPS in three games against the White Sox, so I guess the closer the temperature gets to absolute zero, the better, since the only time the Mariner lineup can approximate Cleveland's is when both are rendered incapable of swinging the bat. link