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The Incredible Growing Broadcaster

The following screenshots were taken during Friday and Saturday night's games, respectively.

Friday night, we see Mike Blowers looming over the top of Dave Sims' shiny dome. The observed height difference is roughly 43% the size of Sims' head, which we can estimate to be about four to five inches.

The next day, Blowers again stands in the same position, but now something's changed. Suddenly the height difference is only about 20% the size of Sims' head, or approximately two inches.

This is startling, to say the least. Setting aside the matter of Sims' age - presumably he's far too old to be going through puberty - a fast growth spurt for an adolescent male is around five inches a year. Sims grew at least two in 24 hours, or nearly 150 times said rate. Why this hasn't gotten more attention from the press is beyond me. Even if this is just a one-day fluke, and Sims isn't steadily turning into a giant before our eyes, it still seems like the kind of thing that ought to be researched and documented in scientific journals. Cancer cures can wait.