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4/3: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 7:05pm PDT


Kendall C Ichiro RF Stewart LF Beltre 3B Bradley CF Vidro DH Piazza DH Ibanez LF Chavez 3B Sexson 1B Swisher 1B Guillen RF Kielty RF Johjima C Crosby SS Betancourt SS Ellis 2B Lopez 2B ---------- ----------

Cupcakes (0-0, -.--)        Washburn (0-0, -.--)

And here's the problem with being a busy college student on the East Coast - you have these godawful start times and loads of other things to do that keep you from ballgames you'd rather like to watch. So, yeah, I don't know if I'll be seeing too much of tonight's. There's also the matter of late games finishing at 1am; for the next several weeks until I return to California, a lot of game recaps will be showing up the day after, just because I can't manage it otherwise. And some of them will be of the You Write The Recap! variety in case I have to miss the game, like probably tonight's. Not that any of this is new to those of you who've been around for '05 or '06.

Anyway, no more Felix until next Sunday. Let's try to make the best of it.