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4/29: Open Game Thread

First Pitch: 1:05pm PDT


DeJesus CF Ichiro CF Grudzielanek 2B Beltre 3B Teahen RF Vidro DH Sweeney DH Ibanez LF Gload 1B Sexson 1B Sanders LF Guillen RF Gordon 3B Betancourt SS Pena Jr. SS Burke! C LaRue C Ballgame 2B ---------- ----------

Bannister (0-0, 6.23)       Baek (0-0, 8.31)

Okay, turns out I don't have time to say anything about last night's game. But then again, the less said of Jeff Weaver, the better, I think. Anyhoo, nobody likes losing series to Kansas City, right?