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4/24: Open Game Thread

UPDATE: game cancelled. Mariners sweep Texas!

First Pitch: 11:05am PDT


Ichiro CF Hairston CF Beltre 3B Kinsler 2B Vidro "DH" Young "SS" Ibanez LF Teixeira DH Sexson 1B Sosa RF Broussard RF Blalock 3B Johjima C Wilkerson 1B Betancourt SS Kata LF Lopez 2B Stewart C ---------- ----------

Washburn (0-2, 4.42)        Padilla (0-3, 6.00)

I don't know what's sadder, that Vicente Padilla's K/BB so far is 0.43, or that Ho Ramirez's is twice as bad.

Go Mariners.