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4/10: Open Game Thread

Roster note: Rhodes to DL, Woods recalled.

First Pitch: 11:05am PDT (Forecast: NO FLIPPING BLIZZARDS)


Ichiro CF Lugo SS Beltre 3B Youkilis 1B Vidro "DH" Ortiz DH Ibanez LF Ramirez LF Sexson 1B Drew RF Guillen RF Lowell 3B Johjima C Varitek C Betancourt SS Crisp CF Lopez 2B Pedroia 2B ---------- ----------

Weaver (0-0, -.--)          Beckett (1-0, 1.80)

Wait, what sport do we play again? If this game gets canceled because of wind or too much sun or really really obnoxious home fans that don't deserve the awesome roster their team has put together, I won't be the least bit surprised.


(...and I hope Cleveland enjoys its Milwaukee home opener. Haha.)