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Roster Movement

Here's your rundown:

-Mark Lowe --> 60-day DL
-Cesar Jimenez --> 60-day DL
-Rey Ordonez --> purgatory
-Jake Woods --> Tacoma
-Mike Morse --> Tacoma
-Adam Jones --> Tacoma
-Brandon Morrow --> Seattle
-Arthur Rhodes --> Seattle
-Jamie Burke --> Seattle
-Mike Garciaparra --> DFA'd

Nothing we didn't already expect, except maybe for Garciaparra's DFA; he's being exposed to waivers just four months after the organization protected him from the Rule 5 draft by putting him on the 40-man roster. It's not a particularly upsetting move, but it's a little surprising, given that the guy is a former high draft pick who's finally starting to get a clue at the plate. There are a lot of players on waivers right now, so there's a chance Garciaparra'll slip through the cracks, but he might've also seen his last days as a Mariner, so be prepared. Not that I think any of us would lose any sleep over his landing elsewhere. How come it isn't Rene Rivera, you ask? Why, because sometimes saying goodbye is the hardest thing anyone can do. That said, on the one-way path from wedded bliss to bitter divorce, the Mariner/Rivera relationship has advanced to separate bedrooms. The official break-up can't be too far away.

The Opening Day 25-man roster is posted after the jump.

Starting Pitchers:

Felix Hernandez
Jarrod Washburn
Miguel Batista
Jeff Weaver
Ho Ramirez

Relief Pitchers:

JJ Putz
George Sherrill
Chris Reitsma
Brandon Morrow
Arthur Rhodes
Sean White
Julio Mateo


Kenji Johjima
Richie Sexson
Jose Lopez
Yuniesky Betancourt
Adrian Beltre
Jamie Burke
Ben Broussard
Jose Vidro


Jose Guillen
Raul Ibanez
Jason Ellison


Willie Ballgame