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Community Projection: Ho

Blah blah blah. Since I don't want to bias the projections by saying how ugly this could get I'll just quote headlines from Uncyclopedia.

   * Term 'darkies' may be discriminatory, UN body warns Canada

    * Jack Lalanne ready to be boxed

    * Big Bopper still dead

    * Indonesian earthquake kills a few dozen little brown people

    * Coulter narrowly beats O'Reilly, Limbaugh for hottest conservative

    * Overly political spider becoming annoying

    * Children's storytime reader fired for inappropriate behavior

    * Astronauts starting to suspect no one is coming for them

    * Bush declares martial law after interpreting lunar eclipse as bad omen

    * Study finds that half of all alcohol produced, consumed by the dead

    * World War III begins as Switzerland invades Liechtenstein; US Army Secretary resigns