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A Different Kind of Forecasting

All offseason long we get barraged with a constant steady stream of player projections as people try to figure out what's going to take place in 2007 (and thanks to the CommPro series, we're all a part of that stream ourselves). It's an interesting and noble cause, but I can't blame anyone if they start getting tired of all the stabs at nailing the future. They're terrific resources to have at your disposal, but sometimes you just need a little variation in your baseball diet.

That's where this post comes in. I want to see projections for what specific things are going to drive Mariner fans the most batshit crazy this season. For example, a year ago it could've been "bunting with Lopez," "never using Petagine," "endless losing streak against Oakland," "relying too much on a leathery sack of Carl Everett's bones," and so on and so forth. The stuff that people complain about the most in game threads, basically. So what things are going to come up in 2007?

I'll try to start off with a few:

-Hargrove leaves Felix in too long
-Never PH'ing for Ibanez against tough lefties in late innings
-Batting Vidro too high
-Endless losing streak against Oakland
-Overuse of Reitsma in Putz-appropriate situations

...etc. Let's hear some submissions as to what's going to make us hate life all over again.