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Batista Community Projection Results

IP: 196
R: 107
H: 216 (9.9 H/9)
2B: 40
3B: 6
HR: 17 (0.8 HR/9)
BB: 80 (3.7 BB/9)
HBP: 6
K: 106 (4.8 K/9)
RA: 4.90
FIP: 4.57
XERA: 4.67
ERC: 4.61

I wanted to be funny so I did a Google image search query for "how boring", but the first result was a protected photo of a dog and the second was of a guy at a baseball game, and then I got too pissed off to think of anything to say.

Weaver tomorrow, then Ho on Friday and I think Putz on Monday. We're finally back to the interesting projections. As for those of you who're struggling to keep up, snap out of it, you lazy bastards. The fewer people there are participating, the more weight gets put on my individual projection, and that isn't good for anyone.