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Washburn Community Projection Results

Participation levels in these things are getting lower and lower, which I can only imagine has to do with the fact that most of the guys we've done lately are duller than Player A's pathetic sex life. And with Batista, Weaver, and Ramirez being the next three in the Community Projection lineup...well, let's just say that if the Ramirez sheet says '3' under 'Innings' and 'sucks a lot' under 'HR', I won't be surprised.

IP: 192
R: 101
H: 199 (9.3 H/9)
2B: 47
3B: 3
HR: 26 (1.2 HR/9)
BB: 56 (2.6 BB/9)
HBP: 6
K: 105 (4.9 K/9)
RA: 4.76
FIP: 4.80
XERA: 4.41
ERC: 4.15

A standard season for a guy who hasn't really changed a bit since 2003. The only interesting thing I can say about this projection is that the same guy who thinks Washburn improves on his RA by 58 points also thinks his K/9 collapses all the way down to 3.6. So in that scenario either the opponents only get two outs to score or the Mariners start playing seven guys in the outfield. Which is another way of saying, yeah, there's nothing real interesting about this projection.