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Community Projection: Miguel Batista

You know the drill. Also, posting will be back to normal soon, as I'm on the remarkably pleasant road to recovery.

In familiar news, holy crap is Player A ever a colossal douche:

"Yeah, I'm very surprised because I told (Weaver) not to go there," (Player A) said. "I flat-out told him he was going to hate it. I don't know what he was thinking. Based on my experience, he will hate it. ... Part of the whole deal (in St. Louis), we have the fans behind us, we have a front office that wants to win and teammates who play hard and are team players.

"None of the above are over there."

I know we've gone over this already, but still, Jesus. Let your cup of hatred for Player A runneth over like so many spectators scrambling out of an auditorium before a Sandfrog concert.