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Woods Community Projection Results

Holy crap it's late.

IP: 71
R: 39
H: 81 (10.3 H/9)
2B: 20
3B: 2
HR: 9 (1.1 HR/9)
BB: 37 (4.7 BB/9)
HBP: 2
K: 46 (5.8 K/9)
RA: 4.96
FIP: 5.19
XERA: 5.46
ERC: 5.55

So that's it for the 2007 Community Projection series. Dave and I will work on getting a neat summary post up before the season starts, to tie this all together.

Also, a heads-up: I'm almost certainly going to be without Internet service this weekend in LA, so unfortunately it looks like the fourth and final installment of this 2007 Season In Review series will have to be pushed back a little bit. On the one hand, no one likes to wait, but on the other, this gives me some time to actually think through what I'm going to say for once, so maybe it'll all be for the better. So, yeah. Be back when I have a connection.