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Rob Neyer Has Totally Lost It


Who do you think is the best everyday player in the division?

It's not a good division for everyday players, but I think the answer probably is Michael Young...

In the same interview, Neyer picks Texas to finish first in the AL West, blasts Bavasi for the Weaver signing, and takes Francisco Rodriguez as the best closer in the division without even mentioning JJ Putz (hint: they're equals).

Anyway, Dave mentioned this a few days ago, but Michael Young is a pretty good choice for being the most overrated player in baseball. You might say that Derek Jeter deserves the title, but where they're both horribly godawful defensive shortstops, at least Jeter can hit; Young's coming off a .268 EqA, while Jeter was at .309 last season. Young's a career .276/.317/.413 hitter away from Ameriquest, and even if you think his "actual ability level" is a little higher than that, calling him the best everyday player in the division is beyond batshit insane. In no particular order, and discounting contracts, I'd rather have the following AL West position players:

Ichiro, Yuniesky Betancourt, Jose Lopez, Adrian Beltre, Kenji Johjima, maybe Raul Ibanez, Mark Teixeira, Gerald Laird, Nick Swisher, Eric Chavez, Mark Ellis, maybe Bobby Crosby, Vlad Guerrero, Howie Kendrick, Orlando Cabrera, Maicer Izturis, and Juan Rivera. Chone Figgins and guys like Gary Matthews Jr. and Mark Kotsay are borderline. I might even be forgetting a few.

Calling Michael Young the best everyday player in the AL West is laughable, and a fantastic example of why Rob Neyer is no longer relevant. He's done a lot of good in his life for the analyst community, but he's been finished for a while now, and this is Exhibit Z.

January 2011 edit: so hey thanks for breakfast at the airport!