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Community Projection: Kenji Johjima

UPDATE: If your spreadsheet is "view only," send us an email with that in the subject line and we'll work on getting it fixed.

And we're off and running. Emails have been sent out to those of you who got in touch with us over the weekend, but we missed a few when putting together the contact list by accident, so if you haven't received your link in a few minutes send us another email and we'll get right on that.

As a heads-up, this is our first real experience with Google Spreadsheets, so I'd be surprised if we don't encounter any problems. Bear with us, and if you notice anything funny, let us know by either commenting or sending an email and we'll work on getting it fixed, whatever it is.

So away you go. For reference, here's what Kenji did in 2006. Also, BA, OBP, and SLG are automatically calculated in the spreadsheet, which you should notice pretty quick. Be nice, don't mess with anyone else's projections, and if you'd like to participate but don't know what's going on/haven't sent us an email, read this post. Have fun, and remember that the person who makes the least accurate projection gets IP banned from the Mariner blogosphere.

Happy forecasting!